SDC Committees

Administrative Committees

Board of Direction

Chair: Charles Hanskat, American Shotcrete Association 

Membership Committee

Chair: Beverly Garnant, American Society of Concrete Contractors

Technology Management Committee (TMC)

Chair: Carl (Chuck) Larosche, WJE

Industry Critical Technologies

Alternative Cementitious Materials

Chair: Lawrence Sutter, Michigan Technological University

Building Information Modeling

Chair: Peter Carrato, Ellis Global LLC

Concrete Wind Turbine Towers

Chair: Markus Wernli, Berger/ABAM

Crack Reduction

Chair: Caroline Talbot, The Euclid Chemical Company

High Strength Reinforcement

Chair: Dominic Kelly, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

Prepackaged Powdered Construction Product

Chair: Peter Emmons, Structural

Strategic Repair Research Council

Chair: - Mark Williams, Walter P. Moore & Associates

Vision 2020

Chair: David W. Whitmore, Vector Corrosion Technologies

Bar Bending

The ACI Foundation through its councils has been supporting research on high strength reinforcement. One project studied bar bending requirements for high strength steel.