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Ann Daugherty

Ann Masek, Executive Director – +1.248.848.3144
Our goals, how to get involved, and donation opportunities

Tricia Ladely

Tricia Ladely, Assistant Director – +1.248.848.3737
Program Inquiries
Concrete Innovation Council, Concrete Research Council

Kari Martin

Kari Martin, Fundraising Manager – +1.248.848.3757
Donation and Contribution Opportunities

Chandice Marchio

Chandice Moore, Program Manager – +1.248.848.3741
Scholarship Council

Applications for Scholarships and Fellowships – +1.248.848.3741

Stacey McCann, Marketing Manager – +1.248.848.3758
Media Inquiries

Veronica Nehasil, Database Developer – +1.248.848.3192

The ACI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Concrete Institute.

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ACI Foundation

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