Concrete Research Council

The Concrete Research Council (CRC) seeks concrete research projects that further the knowledge and sustainability of concrete materials, construction, and structures in coordination with ACI Committees.


Annual RFP for the 2023 Grant Awards opens August 1, 2022


  • CRC opens the RFP application program on August 1, 2022
  • Principle Investigators must contact ACI Technical Committee Chairs by September 1, 2022, to have proposals reviewed for potential endorsement
  • Applications close on December 1, 2022

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CRC RFP Application Guide


ACI Technical Committee Endorsement Instructions


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The following updates have been made to the annual CRC RFP Application Program:

• A check box has been added for the Principal Investigator (PI) to indicate if the proposed research involves a sole-sourced or proprietary product. This will not negatively affect the judging of the proposal if the goal of the research is not solely for the benefit of the product.

• A PI is allowed one funded/open research project at a time. You may enter another application if your current open project is completed before a new one begins.

• The ACI Technical Committee endorsement form is now part of the online application and is automated. Submitters will enter the name and contact information for the respective technical committee chair (or subcommittee or task group). The program will send an automated email to the contact with a link to the online application. Requested endorsement information is the same. The endorsement information will be saved directly into the online application so that the PI / proposal submitter will not have to submit a copy of the committee endorsement.


Proposal and Funding Parameters

The ACI Foundation is pleased to collaborate financially and technically in progressive research programs. Our CRC provides an in-depth review of proposals and recommended six projects for funding, based on impact to industry, ACI Committee engagement and collaboration with other funders and organizations. Read more about each ACI Foundation funded project using the link below.

Research Projects


  • The ACI Foundation will award up to $50,000 per project for direct costs;
  • The ACI Foundation limits the indirect costs (IDC) of the research institution to 15%; institution must waive the remainder;
  • The ACI Foundation will cover that 15% IDC. Thus, the total amount awarded could be a maximum of $57,500. [Example A: $50,000 project + $7,500 IDC (15% of $50,000) = $57,500 awarded. Example B: $45,000 project + $6,750 IDC (15% of $45,000 ) = $51,750 awarded.]
  • An ACI technical committee must support the research concept. Principal investigators should reach out to ACI Technical Committee chairs as soon as possible (and before September 1) to ensure the project will have the support and engagement of a committee. Read more about this requirement in the ACI Technical Committee Endorsement Instructions;
  • Topics are encouraged from all areas of concrete research;
  • An individual researcher can serve as the principal investigator or co-principal investigator on only one proposal submitted;
  • Industry partnering and project cost sharing are strongly encouraged;
  • Principal investigators shall follow the published RFP Application Guide.

Help Fund Research

The ACI Foundation contributed over $1.1M to research projects in the last 3 years. "The ACI Foundation donors advance the concrete industry with a growing number of high-impact research grants. The CRC’s program has enhanced collaboration between researchers and ACI committee volunteers on worthy and applicable research for the industry. Together, we are making a difference!" -Aleksandra Radlińska, CRC Chair

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Charles Pankow research project

Batching and placing concrete for blocks used in research project User’s Guide to Green Concrete in Building Construction. Photo credit to Central Concrete Supply.

Major Funder: Charles Pankow Foundation

Minor Co-funder: ACI Foundation

Questions and comments should be directed to the ACI Foundation Assistant Director,  Tricia G. Ladely.

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