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ACI Foundation 2022 Supporters

We extend a special thanks to our donors and truly appreciate the generous support. Participation with the ACI Foundation helps us fulfill our mission to make the world of concrete stronger, safer, and more innovative through strategic investments in concepts, research, and scholarships.

These donor lists were last updated in August 2022

Baker Concrete Construction Inc
Georgia Chapter
Vilas and Ingrid Mujumdar

Carolinas Chapter
Greater Miami Valley Chapter

Ron Burg and Jill Humphrey
Jeff and Ayanna Coleman
James E Cook
David Darwin
Alan V Dausman
James R Harris
Kimberly Kayler
Keystone Structural Concrete LLC
James S Lai
Eric S Peterson
Michael J Schneider
Washington Chapter

Central Texas Chapter
Mark A Cheek
John Conn
Anthony R DeCarlo, Jr
Jose Arnaldo Diaz
Buford H Evans
Norman J Faris
Louis Ferry
John W Gajda
John C Glumb
Jose O Gonzalez
Leon Grant
Giuseppe B Guimaraes
Sheila K Hall
Mr John L Hausfeld
Earl Carl Howard
Jose R Janela
John W Johnston
Susan Jostrom
Keith E Kesner
Lawrence F Levy
Ming Liu
BILL Maibusch
Ishita Manjrekar
Brewster D Martin
John Meak
Brian D Medlock
Rhoden Ortmeyer
Michael J Paul
Eric S Peterson
Pivot Engineers
PWE, Inc
Terrance G Reynolds
Charles Sacre
Ann Sanders
Anton K Schindler
Rajan Sen
Robert C Sinn
Karen Stebick
Paul F Sullivan
Lawrence L Sutter
Stephen S Szoke
Andrew W Taylor
Michael L Tholen
Noel W Vogen
William J Wilhelm
Stan William Zagajeski
Andrew Zickler

Louis G Adelsohn
Sergio M Alcocer
Scott D B Alexander
Godwin Q Amekuedi
Neal S Anderson
William F Band
Roger O Baptiste
Jacques A Bertrand
Roy B Bowman
Joseph P Buongiorno
Carlo Cattelan
Eamonn F Connolly
Robert M Cords
Canan D'avela
Charles D Dean
Rafael C Discipulo
Mark E Felag
Jay M Fitzgerald
Walter H Flood IV
James R Fowler
Robert J Freel
Kenneth E Fricke
Brian H Green
David E Groblewski
Will Hansen
Aaron P Hastie
Mike Hopkins
John C Hukey
Gregory A Johnson
Sriram Kalaga
Joseph Lim
Richard H Lorenz
Todd A Lorenzen
Giordano Jose Loureiro
Froilan R Martillano
Justin Mathews
Bernard L Meyers
James E Morris
Benedetto Morselli
Jason J Pennington
Michael F Pisarik
Kim Pradhan
Allyn W Risley
Piero Caputo Rodriguez
Luis A Romero
Larry Rowland
Nakhle Sakr
Ziduan Joshua Shang
George Shelley
Louis J Sovak
Gururaj Srinivasachar Thali
Joseph E Thomas
Mark Thompson
Travis Thonstad
Anne M Werner

For questions on fundraising or donations, please contact Kari Martin at kari.martin@acifoundation.org or +1.248.848.3757

Help Fund Our Mission

  • Change students’ lives with a scholarship or fellowship
  • Increase the number of future leaders in our industry
  • Connect students with mentors
  • Invest in concrete-related research and technological advancements that propel our industry forward
  • Create legacy and community by honoring accomplishments of our industry leaders

  • 100% of donations go directly to our programs

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