Strategic Development Council

The Strategic Development Council (SDC) strives to be the catalyst to optimize concrete to serve societal needs.

The SDC provides a forum for the concrete industry where professionals from member organizations that include suppliers, manufacturers, architectural/engineer firms, contractors, trade associations, owners, government and academia convene at the senior level. The forum offers a crucial avenue for those who attend to discuss strategic issues, prioritize key challenges, learn about new technologies and explore for needed research.

SDC recently adopted 4 new goals to achieve its vision of optimizing the use of concrete.

Goal 1: Improve the durability of concrete

Goal 2: Improve design and rules for design

Goal 3: Improve how innovations get implemented

Goal 4: Improve productivity and quality performed by the contractor

SDC strives to:

  • Provide an objective voice that supports innovation and strategizes solutions to industry wide issues
  • Support programs that improve the quality and potential competitiveness of concrete in design and building, and as a building material
  • Assist the concrete community in timely adoption of innovative technologies, problem solutions, and best practice
Upcoming Events

Next Forum

SDC Technology Forum 46

August 27-29, 2019

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

1pm to 2 pm Optional tour at the Frick Environmental Center - limited to 20 people

5pm to 7pm Welcome Reception

Wednesday, August 28

8am to 5pm

Thursday, August 29

8am to 12pm

Registration is now open!