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If you need assistance with donating, contact Marcela Olson ( or +1.248.848.3802).

The ACI Foundation funded 8 research projects totaling over $355K in 2018. The research fund seeks to advance the concrete industry through supporting concrete research projects that further the knowledge and sustainability of concrete materials, construction, and structures in coordination with ACI Committees where possible.

The American Concrete Institute financially supports the operations of the ACI Foundation in full.  By contributing to the ACI Foundation’s General Fund you provide additional funds that staff can direct to where it is needed most - for increased support of mission-related initiatives or enhanced programs and operations.  

The Innovation and Technologies Fund provides an in-house forum for the concrete industry where professionals from member companies, including government and academia, come together at the senior level to discuss strategic issues, new technologies and needed research. The organization strives to provide an objective voice that supports innovation and strategizes solutions to industry wide issues.

Invest in students’ dreams. It's often too expensive for students to pursue higher education without additional assistance, so you can help fill this financial gap for deserving students by donating to the scholarship and fellowship fund. Based on essays, submitted data, and endorsements, scholarship and fellowship recipients who appear to have the strongest combination for professional success in the concrete industry will be selected to receive college funding.

The fellowship is available to undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree as part of the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program. First preference will be given to students interested in the sales/marketing, association management or the business side of the concrete industry. Designed to provide graduates with a broad array of initial opportunities within the concrete industry, the CIM program supplies the industry with future managers and leaders. CIM is a business intensive program providing solid management skills that are applicable in any industry but developed specifically for the concrete industry. An internship with AOE is optional.

This award is named in memory of ACI's former Managing Director of Engineering. This award will be given to a graduate student studying structural engineering with an emphasis on reinforced concrete design.  An internship in the ACI Engineering Department at the American Concrete Institute in Farmington Hills, Michigan is offered, but is not mandatory.

Awarded to undergraduate students or graduate students enrolling in a Master's program with an interest in construction. The Don Marks Memorial Fellowship provides support to students seeking a builder’s “hands-on” career in the concrete construction industry. No internship is required

Named for former ACI President Richard Stehly.  It is awarded to undergraduate students with a study program in the area of concrete with an emphasis on structural design, materials, or construction. Approximately half of the application essay must describe the applicant's personal activities to promote sustainability in their community. Essays that do not describe the applicant's sustainability activities will not be considered. No internship is required.

This scholarship is available to undergraduate students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program from an institution of higher education. Candidates must be in a civil engineering or construction management program. Students with an interest in concrete structural design or construction are preferred. Preference will be given to candidates attending an accredited institution in Colorado or Wyoming and that are active student members of Rocky Mountain Chapter - ACI. Students that belong to an ACI student chapter and are in good standing with an accredited institution in the United States will also be considered. A paid summer internship in the Denver Metro area is offered, but is not mandatory.

Dr. Corley was recognized as an industry leader among those in the structural engineering community for several decades. This scholarship will be awarded to graduate students in the field of concrete with an interest in forensic engineering and the behavior and design of concrete structures.

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Earlier this summer, ACI President Cary Kopczynski issued a challenge to our community to help the ACI Foundation reach a record 1,000 donors during his term. Read more about the challenge and how the Foundation is helping to build the future here.

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