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ACI Foundation's Strategic Development Council Sets Meeting for this Fall

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FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (May 13, 2014) - The ACI Foundation’s Strategic Development Council (SDC) has announced its upcoming meeting, Technology Forum #36, will be held at the Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf, in San Francisco, CA, September 4-5, 2014.

A special feature of SDC #36 will include a private tour to public and restricted areas of Alcatraz Island facilitated by Dr. Tanya Komas, Executive Director of the Concrete Preservation Institute in coordination with the U.S. National Parks Service. SDC continues to focus on the concrete repair industry as outlined in its Vision 2020: A Vision for the Concrete Repair, Protection, and Strengthening Industry. Additional topics will include Concrete in Nuclear Construction, Concrete Wind Turbine Towers, Alternative Cementitious Materials, Concrete Repair, and more. Technology Showcases - innovative and interesting technologies that have the potential to improve and advance the concrete industry will include presentations by Solidia Technologies, Greencraft LLC, and Cool-crete Technology Group LLC.

The Technology Forum, formerly referred to as SDC Session, is an open meeting that may be attended by anyone in the concrete industry.  Both members and non-members of the organization may register for the event at http://www.concretesdc.org/meetings/session36/SDC_generalinfo.htm.

In addition, SDC is seeking “Technology Showcases” to highlight during future Forums.  These presentations have become a hallmark of SDC’s annual spring and fall Forums, allowing companies and/or individuals the opportunity to showcase their new, interesting, innovative technologies that have the potential to improve and advance the concrete industry.  Each new technology introduced at SDC gains exposure and, potentially, assistance to address barriers and obstacles that are preventing or slowing acceptance of the technology within the concrete industry.

SDC involvement is primarily driven by the technology owner acting as champion and is subject to interest in the topic by the overall SDC membership.  As technologies work through the SDC process, they attain various status levels within the organization: Early Technologies, Emerging Technologies, Industry Critical Technologies, and Focused Technologies.

For more information and to submit your technology for consideration, please visit www.concreteSDC.org and click “Introduce your Technology.”

SDC membership consists of concrete industry leaders and exists to identify industry critical technologies and issues that affect the concrete community.  The organization creates and implements various strategies that facilitate an efficient and effective transition into these progressive concrete technologies.

Advanced registration for the Forum is open until Friday, August 22, 2014. To register or to learn more, visit www.concreteSDC.org.

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About the ACI Foundation – Founded in 1989, the ACI Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established by the American Concrete Institute to promote progress, innovation, and collaboration in the concrete industry by supporting research and scholarships while also serving as an independent resource to provide thought leadership and strategic direction for the concrete industry. The Scholarship Council, Strategic Development Council, and Concrete Research Council are all councils of the ACI Foundation. 

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