ACI Foundation Graduate Scholarships

The ACI Foundation offers scholarships for eligible graduate students whose studies relate to concrete.

Fellowships & Scholarships Application

Students will not be awarded more than one scholarship from the ACI Foundation during the entire course of their studies.

Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • $5,000 educational stipend for tuition, residence, books, and materials; and
  • Appropriate recognition in Concrete International magazine and on the Foundation website.

Graduate Scholarships

ACI Foundation Scholarship

Established by the ACI Foundation's Scholarship Council and receives funding through generous contributions by members of ACI. This award is granted based on the availability of contributions received.

Bertold E. Weinberg Scholarship

Named in 2003 to recognize Mr. Weinberg, a past ACI Foundation Scholarship Council Chair.

Katharine & Bryant Mather Scholarship

Established in 1988 to honor Katharine and Bryant Mather for their exceptional contributions to the knowledge of concrete. Initial funds were contributed by the sponsoring committee of an international symposium held in 1987 to honor the Mathers. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mather, deceased, were Honorary Members of ACI and Mr. Mather served as President in 1964. Continuing funding is provided by a gift from the Mather estate. The scholarship is for graduate study in the field of concrete.

Master Builders Solutions Concrete Materials Scholarship NEW!

Graduate students pursuing an advanced degree related to the concrete industry with a focus on material science. First preference will go to candidates who are studying the use of admixtures (fibers, water reducers etc.) to advance the use of concrete. All applicants must be student members of ACI and active participation in an ACI Student Chapter is favorable. If no applicants fit the preferred criteria, the award may be given to students focused on concrete related material science. No internship is required.

Nick Bada – ACI Ontario Chapter Graduate Scholarship NEW!

This award is open to any student who has completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher education institute. The applicant must have possession of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program. At the time of acceptance of this award (but not necessarily at the time of application) the applicant must have been accepted for graduate study. The graduate program MUST be in concrete research or concrete construction at an accredited university in ONTARIO (Toronto, Royal Military College, Laurentian, Lakehead, McMaster, Ryerson, Western, Guelph, Queens or Waterloo) which offers a graduate program in concrete design or construction. Must be a full-time graduate student during the entire scholarship award term

Schwing America Scholarship

Established by Schwing America, Inc. Recipients must have a strong combination of interest and ability to work in the concrete construction industry.

Stewart C. Watson Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to graduate students with a focus in the field of joints, bearings or seismic systems for concrete structures.

W. Gene Corley Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Corley was recognized as an industry leader among those in the structural engineering community for several decades. This scholarship will be awarded to graduate students in the field of concrete with an interest in forensic engineering and the behavior and design of concrete structures.


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