Concrete Innovation Council

The Concrete Innovation Council (CIC) identifies technologies and innovation that are aligned with ACI and industry strategies and helps implement their uses when appropriate.

To support ACI’s expanding focus on technology and innovation, the CIC collaborates with the concrete community to further innovative solutions for industry-wide challenges, by effectively identifying new technology and helping to nurture and support emerging and mature technologies. The Council also works closely with ACI’s Director of Concrete Technology to create a formal connection between Council work and ACI. The council is comprised of a diverse set of industry representatives - material suppliers, architecture & engineering firms, contractors, academic, owner and regulatory.

The field of concrete materials, building, and structures is continually infused with new ideas and practices. New materials, products, methods, designs, and equipment impact the way infrastructure and buildings are constructed. Do you have a transformative idea or initiative that can positively impact the industry?

For questions, please contact Tricia G. Ladely at
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