Strategic Development Council

The Strategic Development Council (SDC) strives to be the catalyst to optimize concrete to serve societal needs.

The SDC provides a forum for the concrete industry where professionals from member organizations that include suppliers, manufacturers, architectural/engineer firms, contractors, trade associations, owners, government and academia convene at the senior level. The forum offers a crucial avenue for those who attend to discuss strategic issues, prioritize key challenges, learn about new technologies and explore for needed research.

SDC recently adopted 4 new goals to achieve its vision of optimizing the use of concrete.

  1. Improve how innovations/new technologies get implemented
  2. Improve the durability of concrete
  3. Improve productivity and quality
  4. Improve design and rules for design (concrete “technical operating system”)

SDC strives to:

  • Provide an objective voice that supports innovation and strategizes solutions to industry wide issues
  • Support programs that improve the quality and potential competitiveness of concrete in design and building, and as a building material
  • Assist the concrete community in timely adoption of innovative technologies, problem solutions, and best practice
Upcoming Events

Next Forum

SDC Technology Forum 46

August 27-29, 2019

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

5pm to 7pm Welcome Reception

Wednesday, August 28

8am to 5pm

Thursday, August 29

8am to 12pm

Registration is now open!

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