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New ACI 201 Concrete Durability Scholarship funded by Professor Emeritus Donald J. Janssen

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New ACI 201 Concrete Durability Scholarship funded by Professor Emeritus Donald J. Janssen

The ACI Foundation is pleased to announce the new ACI 201 Concrete Durability Scholarship funded by Professor Emeritus Donald J. Janssen. Don served as an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Washington for over thirty years; leading the field in concrete durability, materials, and performance research. Janssen is a member of ACI Committees S803, Faculty Network, 201, Durability of Concrete, and ACI Subcommittee 201-D, Steering Committee. Along with Don’s monumental body of research, the new 201 Durability Scholarship will serve as his legacy in the concrete industry; securing his dedication to assisting the next generation of concrete professionals to achieve success in their field.

The ACI 201 Undergraduate Concrete Durability Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who is in a degree program during the award term that focuses on concrete construction, design, education, or materials, and demonstrates an interest in durability.

ACI Foundation Fellowship and Scholarship awards are made possible through generous contributions by donors from the concrete community. Together, the Foundation and its supporters are strengthening the concrete industry by supporting students entering a professional career in the field of concrete. The ACI Foundation is leading the way to ensure a sustainable, successful future for the concrete industry through intentional and focused investments in ideas, research, and people. 100% of donations go directly to benefit students. Additional information about each fellowship and scholarship is available at acifoundation.org/scholarshipsacifoundation.org/scholarships.

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