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Registration Open for ACI Foundation’s 2022 Technology Forum

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Registration Open for ACI Foundation’s 2022 Technology Forum

The ACI Foundation’s Concrete Innovation Council (CIC) will host its next Technology Forum on August 30- September 1, 2022, in St. Paul, MN. This is the first in-person forum in two years and will include four technology showcases, over ten different presentations, and a debate.

The forum topics include:

Technology Showcases:

  • Carbon Dioxide Utilization and Machine Learning Deliver Low-Carbon Concrete  Presented by Gaurav N. Sant
  • Concrete Sensors for Curing  Presented by by Jim Cairns and Kevin A. MacDonald
  • Novel Method for Producing Cement & SCMs  Presented by Cody Finke
  • Ultra-High Performance Concrete and its Carbon Footprint  Presented by Peter W. Weber


  • 3D-Printed Topology Optimized UHPC Walls with Superior Ductility  Presented by Siham S. Al Shanti
  • A Contractor’s Experience with the Evolution of Sustainable Mix Designs  Presented by Eric S. Peterson
  • Early Concrete Performance Extremes Presented by Tim Cost
  • Integration of Alternative Cements into Building Codes — Presented by Lawrence L. Sutter
  • Legal Issues in Concrete Construction: Responsibility with New Technology  Presented by Jeffery W. Coleman
  • Structural Polymer Concrete for Accelerated Bridge Construction and Other Infrastructure Applications Presented by Mahmoud Reda Taha
  • The New FRP Bar Code  Presented by Carol K. Shield
  • The Minnesota DOT Test Road “MNRoad”  Presented by Bernard I. Izevbekhai
  • Understanding the “What, Why and How” when Specifying Permeability-Reducing Admixtures  Presented by Shashiprakash (Prakash) Surali


A debate titled, Alternatives to Cylinder Breaks for Acceptance Testing, will be moderated by Rex A. Donahey. Participants will discuss if the industry could/should develop more rapid and reliable acceptance criteria based, for example, on multivariate analyses of fresh concrete properties and data from non-destructive tests and sensors. Viewpoints of contractor, producer, specifier, and testing agency sectors will be represented and there will be time for Q&A with attendees.


The ACI Foundation Technology Forum is an industry-exclusive educational and networking event for concrete professionals. The forum is your opportunity to connect with representatives from material suppliers, architecture & engineering firms, contractors, academics, top-level executives, and regulatory agencies.


For information about the technology forum including registration, updates to the agenda, and schedule visit acifoundation.org/technology.


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The ACI Foundation was established in 1989 to promote progress, innovation, and collaboration and is a wholly owned and operated non-profit subsidiary of the American Concrete Institute. Three councils make up the ACI Foundation; the Concrete Innovation Council, which identifies technologies and innovations and helps to implement when appropriate; the Concrete Research Council, which funds and assists in the research of new concrete technologies; and the Scholarship Council which facilitates student fellowships and scholarships.


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