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ACI President Cary Kopczynski served as an ACI Foundation Trustee in the 3 years preceding his term as president and is proud to support the mission of the ACI Foundation - investing in people, ideas, and research to build the future of the concrete industry. During his presidential term, he has committed to help the ACI Foundation broaden its donor base so it can sustain and build its impact. He is advocating for the Foundation’s objective to reach a record number of 1000 donors by the end of his term in March 2022.

Being a donor will help to embrace the younger generation of designers, builders, and engineers. Any contribution will expand knowledge over broad areas of concrete construction, propel research in new and innovative areas of concrete, and inform some of the world’s most important building codes and standards.

Donate today and help us build the future. Read more about Cary’s appeal to achieve 1000 donors.

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