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Changing the World

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Changing the World

Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza and his siblings grew up involved in many construction projects at his parents’and grandparents’ home in northern Spain. “We even used an excavator as part of a swimming pool construction project,” Emparanza said. “My father really wanted us to get hands-on experience.”

The ACI Foundation selected Emparanza as the 2019-2020 ACI Presidents’ Fellowship recipient. He decided to make construction his career because of all the encouragement he was given growing up. After taking some courses in architecture and engineering prior to applying for college, he decided he liked the technical aspect of engineering.

Emparanza believes that his opportunities were expanded because of the fellowship. “It really helped getting involved. You learn; you meet people who are going to change the world,” he stated. “I think volunteering on committees and that extra level of involvement opens some doors. Being involved with ACI and the ACI Foundation has definitely helped my career, and this is just the beginning.”

The ACI Foundation promotes progress, innovation, and collaboration in the concrete industry through strategic investments in research, scholarships, and ideas. Through its Scholarship Council, it supports future concrete innovators and leaders by administering fellowships and scholarships to students. The ACI Foundation awards more than $200,000 in fellowships and scholarships annually in the name of individuals, organizations, corporations, and ACI.

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