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ACI Foundation Announces 2019 Award Recipients

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ACI Foundation Announces 2019 Award Recipients







The ACI Foundation is pleased to announce its 2019 awardees.

David Darwin receives the Robert E. Philleo Award in recognition of his lifelong and continuing efforts in the field of concrete material research and bridge construction practices and its implementation in practice in the United States and around the world.

Long T. Phan receives the Arthur J. Boase Award in recognition of his research on the response of high-strength/high-performance concrete structures to extreme loads, the effect of ASR on reinforced concrete material properties and structural capacities, and committee work to transfer the research results into design practice.

Lawrence L. Sutter receives the Jean-Claude Roumain Innovation in Concrete Award in recognition of his leadership in concrete materials education and research which has advanced the knowledge of deicer interaction, utilization of fly ash and alternate cements, and the nature of the air-void system to overall improve the sustainability and durability of concrete.

More information about the awards, including nomination information, is available at acifoundation.org.


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The ACI Foundation was established in 1989 to promote progress, innovation, and collaboration and is a wholly owned and operated non-profit subsidiary of the American Concrete Institute. Three councils make up the ACI Foundation; the Strategic Development Council, committed to resolving the issues of new technology acceptance within the concrete industry; the Concrete Research Council, which funds and assists in the research of new concrete technologies; and the Scholarship Council which facilitates student fellowships and scholarships.

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