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2018 ACI Foundation Award Recipients Annouced

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2018 ACI Foundation Award Recipients Annouced







The ACI Foundation is pleased to present its 2018 awardees:

The Robert E. Philleo Award, presented by the CRC for outstanding achieve­ments in the field of concrete materials, was awarded to Jason Weiss, for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of concrete technology through student advising, exemplary service to the profession, and innovative research on shrinkage reducing admixtures, internal curing, material transport characterization with the formation factor, freeze-thaw modeling, and deicing salt damage.

The Arthur J. Boase Award, also presented by the CRC for outstanding achievements in the field of structural concrete, was awarded to Conrad Paulson, for his exceptional work leading to the development and acceptance of high-strength reinforcing steel for concrete construction and its adoption into Codes and Standards

The Jean-Claude Roumain Innovation in Concrete Award, presented by the SDC for innovation in field of concrete, was awarded to Michael Sprinkel, in recognition of his significant research and implementation of innovative technologies in concrete materials, particularly the development of epoxy and polymer overlays for bridge deck protection and other construction innovations that have enhanced the concrete restoration and repair industry

More information about the awards, including nomination information, is available at acifoundation.org.

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