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The ACI Foundation welcomes suggestions at any time for research needs from the concrete community. Please use the form below to submit a research need for the concrete industry. We are interested in promoting research needs which offer broad implementation across the concrete industry and that address one of the following areas of interest

The grant funding process for research proposals includes a thorough technical review and endorsement by an ACI technical committee. Because ACI technical committees touch every facet of concrete construction, the ACI Foundation can fund a broad variety of projects—enhancing how we construct buildings, bridges, roads, and the rest of the built infrastructure.

  • Application-oriented projects that create new knowledge about the industry, advance the state of the science of the concrete industry or provide tools and resources that can be replicated or adapted by other concrete companies
  • Research that will advance an innovative product, component or building system
  • Practical research that benefits reinforced concrete design, ready mixed concrete, or precast / prestressed concrete applications
  • Research focusing on improving the quality, efficiency and value of large buildings by advancing innovations in structural components and systems which can be adopted into code requirements
  • Projects that improve the performance of building design and construction teams by advancing integration, collaboration, communication, and efficiency through innovative tools and technologies, and by advancing new means and methods for project team practices

Based on your information, your suggestion will be forwarded to the appropriate ACI Foundation program for consideration. Research needs focused on ACI Technical Committee work will route to the Concrete Research Council (CRC). Research related to innovations and new technology will be reviewed by the Strategic Development Council. Research needs that have the potential to impact a broad portion of the concrete industry will be reviewed by the ACI Foundation Trustees. 

Please enter the requested information in the form below. An asterisk (*) identifies information that is required to complete for submission.

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